Half-Baked Schemes Racing’s 2008 Season begins with a bang (pics inside!)

The team made its debut outing for 2008 last weekend at Utica-Rome Speedway in Vernon, NY. The team enjoyed the facility there last year as the track is interesting (and groomed well), and there is more than enough space in the pits. Oh yeah, and it is a mere 15 minutes from home base in Rome. We don’t even have to get on a highway to get there! There are three races scheduled there this year, and we plan to hit all three. That should make it the most frequented locale on the calendar.

Offseason preparations did not go exactly as planned due to delays in receiving parts. The suspension was completely disassembled awaiting some new goodies. That plan was scrapped in order to at least get some track time. The car was reassembled, a crude setup put on it, and off it went.

We actually arrived to the track early, which is something that rarely happens. I pulled a #2 out of the hat, which I knew meant I would get the pole in the heat. I am not sure that I was thrilled with that proposition having had no seat time yet in 2008. I slipped back a bit off the initial start and finished out the heat in 5th place of 10. This equated to a 9th place grid spot for the Main. There was a rough section in the centre of the track, and drivers split it. You either ran the very bottom or traversed the high side. I hugged the uke tyres lining the infield and managed to run in the top 10 for a good portion of the race. A flat tyre mid-way through the event sent us pitside and to an early exit. The only benefit to this was that the car was on the trailer before the heavens opened right after the feature. It also provides great incentive to dial up the ole Hoosier dealer!

The new bits have arrived and are awaiting the aforementioned new shoes to accompany them. These should make their way onto the car in anticipation of the next outing which is on the nation’s birthday (at Brewerton, NY). The team has some making up to do for last year when a suspension collapse off the final turn left us scrambling to get the car on the trailer in the dark as the fireworks went off. If that outing is successful we will race the following day at Canandaigua Speedway.

Until then, this is Michael signing off.

pic 1

…and this is Michael “posing” for the press!

pic 2

Stan itching to get out on the track.

One thought on “Half-Baked Schemes Racing’s 2008 Season begins with a bang (pics inside!)

  1. Michael,

    Should I use the picture of you posing for the press as my new picture on my computer at work?



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