Team Welcomes New Sponsor

The Team at is excited to announce that a new sponsor has come on board for the ESDCA Mod-Lite #41. It is – the place you can go to “fill your toolbox, without emptying your wallet.”

They have picked an exciting time to join, as the Team is prepping to run the final two races of the year during Super Dirt Week festivities at both Brewerton Speedway and Cayuga County Fair Speedway. These races are during the 2nd week of October, “the fastest week in upstate NY.” will also be on the car for the 2009 season. You will be able to find information on it once the 2008 season has concluded. There is no need to rush this one to completion when there are more races to run! In the meantime, head on over to and peruse their inventory. If you need a tool, chances are they have it. If they do not, tell them you want it and they will find it for you. And when you talk to them, make sure you tell ’em that “#41 sent you!”

Halfbakedschemes PR

A Brutal Stretch (updated 08/28 with pics!)

Our luck simply has not improved. The team’s intent was to race at both races scheduled over the July 4th weekend. As you might recall from the previous entry, we got a flat in the previous race. Just prior to that occurring there were some driveline issues that manifested themselves. But, with a flat, there was no way to diagnose further. Given that fact, we elected to take a trek to a track we hadn’t been to before for an open practise session. The beautiful evening was cut short when the same problem occurred prior to even taking the green. 5 laps were taken under yellow to confirm “yup, it’s still doing it” and back on the trailer the car went.
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2007 Racing Season In Review

2007 rolled around with a unique challenge: There was a second black car in the driveway adorned with Cg-Lock livery, but the similarities between the cars were few. The new Cg-Lock ride was for a foreign racing surface with foreign technologies, and the season would begin with nearly a complete dearth of usable information. We decided to have fun and become moderately acclimated without getting bogged down in the details. Before the season began, we elected to run with the ESDCA, which is the Empire State Dwarf Car Association. The schedule consisted of 30+ races at 7 tracks clustered around Syracuse, NY. The schedule was published in February, which gave us plenty of time to ruminate prior to the season. We wanted to wait a few weeks into the season to debut; however the debut was pushed back even further as we had a wee bit more car maintenance to complete than we anticipated. It took us until June, but we finally headed north towards the Canadian border to begin the season.
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