2007 Racing Season In Review

2007 rolled around with a unique challenge: There was a second black car in the driveway adorned with Cg-Lock livery, but the similarities between the cars were few. The new Cg-Lock ride was for a foreign racing surface with foreign technologies, and the season would begin with nearly a complete dearth of usable information. We decided to have fun and become moderately acclimated without getting bogged down in the details. Before the season began, we elected to run with the ESDCA, which is the Empire State Dwarf Car Association. The schedule consisted of 30+ races at 7 tracks clustered around Syracuse, NY. The schedule was published in February, which gave us plenty of time to ruminate prior to the season. We wanted to wait a few weeks into the season to debut; however the debut was pushed back even further as we had a wee bit more car maintenance to complete than we anticipated. It took us until June, but we finally headed north towards the Canadian border to begin the season.
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Half-Baked Schemes Racing gets dirty in Upstate NY

The Number 41 CG-Lock Mod-Lite had it’s first double-dip of the 2007 season, running Friday at Brewerton Speedway and Saturday at Fulton Speedway. The team experienced a number of other firsts, over the weekend, also, culminating in Michael Occhipinti’s first Top Ten finish in a feature.

Other firsts included the Team’s first start(s) from the front row, the first visit from racing widow Lindsay (and racing Mom Darlene) and the first (and second) slight alterations to the chassis. Pics inside!
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Half-Baked Schemes Racing takes on Can-Am Speedway

Well, after much ado, the CG-Lock Mod Lite finally found it’s way to the track. After starting from the back in his first race with the new car, Michael Occhipinti started and finished mid-pack in the feature. The car made it home no worse for the wear and the Team cashed in their winnings and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for some much overdue carousing.

Video of the Feature can be seen here: Can-Am 070623

Much thanks to Bruce and CG-Lock for helping make this debut possible! Pics inside…
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