Sponsor Goings-On

It has been a great week relative to sponsors for the team. Brian Ciarlei, part-timer from Sharlay Machine & Fabrication (see link on main page), today captured the 2008 SCCA F Modified National Championship out in Topeka, KS. Congratulations from this team!

Also, take care to look for an exciting announcement this coming weekend.

Off to eat some macaroni and cheese,

2007 Racing Season In Review

2007 rolled around with a unique challenge: There was a second black car in the driveway adorned with Cg-Lock livery, but the similarities between the cars were few. The new Cg-Lock ride was for a foreign racing surface with foreign technologies, and the season would begin with nearly a complete dearth of usable information. We decided to have fun and become moderately acclimated without getting bogged down in the details. Before the season began, we elected to run with the ESDCA, which is the Empire State Dwarf Car Association. The schedule consisted of 30+ races at 7 tracks clustered around Syracuse, NY. The schedule was published in February, which gave us plenty of time to ruminate prior to the season. We wanted to wait a few weeks into the season to debut; however the debut was pushed back even further as we had a wee bit more car maintenance to complete than we anticipated. It took us until June, but we finally headed north towards the Canadian border to begin the season.
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Relevant Quote #1

I would like to come up with some seemingly regular schedule to post here. However, my indecisiveness (more on this in future posts I am sure) seems to propel my life into seeming chaos. This precludes me from signing up to any sort of Metamucil like regularity.

I mentioned that I would like to use this space to share some of my favourite quotes. There will be no order to them, just what I feel is a good quote du jour. Some will be my own creation; this one is not.

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