What a disaster Sunday was.

We thrashed till late Saturday to get the car on the trailer. Late night post indicated the race was on.

We awoke early to find out that the Flat Rock race had been cancelled. While disappointing, that was okay because there was another race at Spartan Speedway that was later in the afternoon.

Mid-morning post said “it didn’t look good.” And by late morning it didn’t look good at all. The racing was cancelled for the day.

Not sure when the modified will get out – but the Dwarf Car will be out at Flat Rock again on June 29th for the Steve Martin memorial.

2018 MCR Dwarf Car Season Results

2018 was meant to be an off year. And it almost was. I got introduced to the Hoffman Motorsports crew that is part of the MCR Dwarf Car group. They had a race-ready ride that just required me to show up with my helmet. It also had my favourite characteristic – the wheels are open.

I am admittedly partial to small wheelbase motorcycle engine powered vehicles. Add the slicks to it and I was completely ready to pilot one of these. I loved telling people that I had driven a dwarf car before – exactly 20 years prior – on dirt.

I chose Springport for my first race. I have a handful of laps there, to put it mildly, so I knew I wouldn’t need to get acclimated to the track. It was a fun jaunt, mixing it up “close enough” to the front of the pack. I could see the top 2 at the finish, just out of reach, and snagged the last step on the podium. It was interesting to be nearly as quick as the Modified (lap time wise) because the cars generate lap times in completely opposite ways.

The 2nd race was at Flat Rock. This is the only track within an hour of my house, so I have a lot of good memories from going there. The day was HOT, with ambient temperatures in the upper 90’s. The crowd was still strong though because there were schoolbus races. The night started good, timing .018 off the pole position. The race was even better, methodically marching to the front. Was able to hold on to the win despite a late restart that brought the field close. Victory Lane interview on the frontstretch was great, as was the cold water bottle I was handed.

Third race was at a track I never had visited, Angola. I hadn’t raced in Indiana since the prior year at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I loved this track because it is the traditional “appears out of a field.” I never did figure the track out but managed to snag a spot at the back end of the Top 5.

The final race wasn’t supposed to happen but got added anyway – the Michigan Cup at Springport. The pits were absolutely lined with cars. It was also absolutely filled with mud and water due to torrential downpours during the night and morning. I am not sure how we got on track, but we did. It made for some sliding. It took till the final lap, but again grabbed the 5th finishing position.

Overall it was a successful season – 4 races, 4 top 5’s. I can’t argue those results and can’t thank the Hoffman guys enough. I look forward to a handful of races with them this coming season. Most will be interesting, as they will be on nights where piloting both it and the Modified.