CG-Lock Neon takes on Heartland Park: Day One

The CG-Lock Neon sits high up in the trophies after day one of the 2006 SCCA Solo National Championships in Topeka, Kansas. Michael Occhipinti sits in 6th place while Eric Denissen, filling in for Mr. Wyman and Mr. Hurst, showed little sign of unfamiliarity with the car while climbing up into the top 20.

Street Touring Category

Street Touring S Drivers: 45 Trophies: 12

T 1 199 Jason Rhoades 1992 Nissan 240SX Red 53.782

T 2 21 Michael King 1989 Honda Civic Si Red 53.887

T 3 19 6 Chris Shenefield 2006 Honda Civic Si Ylw 54.097

T 4 9 6 Cy S Lee 1989 Honda Civic Si Ylw 54.236

T 5 172 Kevin McCormick 1989 Honda Civic si Blk 54.367

T 6 141 Michael Occhipinti 1996 Plymouth Neon ACR 54.504

18 41 Eric Denissen 1996 Plymouth Neon ACR 55.604

20 165 Sean Grogan 1997 Dodge Neon ACR Pur 55.753



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