Well, I’ve tossed away another Nationals. I’m mired in the cheap seats (12th, out of the trophies, about 1.3 seconds back.)

This was a weird one. My first one was bog ass slow, as I drove the Kumhos like they were Hoosiers, and just didn’t push them hard enough until the last 1/3 of the course. My second run was actually pretty decent except for one costly mistake. I got into the final slalom, and the back of the car walked on me about 3 cones in. I caught it, but found myself pointed right at the next slalom cone about 30′ in front of the car. I had no choice
but to hit the brakes hard – I made it, but lost a ton of momentum. I think it cost me at least a 1/2 second.

The last run seemed good, and I managed to get through the slalom without incident, so when I crossed the line, I thought I would pick up significant time, maybe a high 51. I was really surprised to see that it was actuallly 1/10th slower than my second run.

The car was really very good, and I think easily could have run with Brian Johns, the fastest Miata guy, if I had only removed my head from my ass. Some more seat time might have helped, but the time was definitely there. Nationals is fun, but it is hard too.

Tomorrow’s course is way Miata friendly, so I think I’ll be able to pick up some spots on some of the MR2s in front of me, and maybe steal a trophy. There are a bunch of people close behind me, so I’ll need to be on my game.

Franson, my roommate, is in 12th place in DSP, so we are making a note not to stay in the same room next year.

Jenna from the the VIP thinks that I will do better tomorrow, and gave me some encouragement.

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