2019 Season Starting – Sunday

The team decided to invest in an engine many months ago. This was to be used while the previous workhorse was being rebuilt. The delusion, at the time, was to make the opening ICAR race at Flat Rock Speedway.

That was too aggressive, especially with the race date being in April. Thankfully, for us anyway, the apropos occurred – namely April showers. The race was rescheduled for Father’s Day.

This provided time to get it fitted, new lines plumbed, and some of the maintenance done. Since Flat Rock is a ¼ mile we will leave the body work until after the race.

The car is all but ready to load into the trailer tomorrow. To make things better, the MCR dwarf cars are also running that day. The goal is to run both cars and have a blast in finally getting back out on the track.

Write-up will be posted after the race. For immediate information follow our Twitter feed.

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