Indiana on My Mind

It’s really happening!

Our last qualifying race occurred this past weekend at Grattan, and we successfully completed our requirements. The list was updated, and we have indeed qualified for Indianapolis! We will be crossing the yard of bricks, hopefully 19 times on Saturday September 30th.

We will be down in Indy for quite a bit of time. We will be practicing on Saturday the 23rd, with one qualifying session each day from the 25th through the 28th. Team Wrenchaholics will be well represented with two cars (team owner Cade Wilson also qualified). Luckily we also secured a GP garage for the week. Rolling out the front of the garage we will be looking at the scoring pylon.

It is hard to believe that all the plans have come together to facilitate this, as it seemed like a pipe dream at the start of the year. Now we will piloting an open wheel car at the open wheel mecca. Our class is large, 18 cars (almost triple last year’s count). We will also be racing with Formula Mazda (20 cars), so our grid will be substantial. It won’t be as large as in qualifying, when 30+ FE’s also join us!

Keep an eye on and for updates as we get closer.

Nervously yours,


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