The Entry Is In

It is hard to believe, but the journey remains on track.

Registration for the SCCA Runoffs opened 2 Wednesdays ago. The numbers since then have been staggering. It is already over 950 entrants, which is more than 200 larger than the previous largest Runoffs.

We registered on Wednesday the 26th, one week after it had opened. Our intent was to wait a little longer, however that was the date that registrations needed to be in to be able to get first dibs on a garage (going to be interesting to paddock that many cars) as well as practice days (a real issue when the groups are limited). One “fun” anecdote is that due to the delay in registration, somebody took our number 71. We thus “settled” for 41, which was the ole autocross number used when this site launched.

Formula Continental has 13 entrants so far, with a handful more that should be entering soon. Formula Mazda has 18 (to date), which means our combined race will have at least 30 cars on track. More interesting will be qualifying, when we are paired with Formula Enterprises and their 33 entries. 64 cars is approaching the 72 max (which incidentally has been exceeded by some other single classes).

The Wrenchaholics team is very excited. Both cars are registered, and each need a session at Grattan 2 weekends from now to have met all the criteria to officially stamp our entry. Updates forthcoming once that last tick mark is hopefully met.

Until then, smirkingly yours,


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