But 2017 is Near

I alluded in the previous entry that 2017 would be different. The tour has become the NSTA tour, and it has become unified geographically. It has expanded to cover a whole lot more geography (more than triple, as a matter of fact).

That was the final arbiter in a team decision. After 4 years of points racing, and the pressures associated with it, the team is going to pick and choose a schedule.

One such decision was an easy one. For the first time in many years, certainly more than the existence of our team, our style Modifieds are venturing to the Colosseum known as Bristol. This is an opportunity that neither team owner nor driver wanted to miss (not to mention crew members).

80 cars are expected to try and make the show. Apparently many others had the same feeling and want to turn laps at a place that NASCAR cars head to twice per year. The entry list was released today, with 88 to eventually be pared down to 80. http://speed51.com/short-track-u-s-nationals-central-entry-lists/#TopSpeedModified

That is the primary focus. Beyond that we will look at minimum to run the Tour races at Toledo and Kalamazoo. It would not be surprising to find us at some season ending big races at local tracks either. This reduction in schedule will allow for a proper regroup for future efforts.

But, I am not content with one historic venue. I will be embarking on a separate quest, also in an open wheel car. I am working with Wrenchaholics Racing and their fleet of Formula Continental race cars. https://www.wrenchaholics.com/171-team/ . Yes, I will be running a small schedule in said open wheel ride, being confused every time I turn right (okay not really – but it has been a long time), with the hope of ending up at Indianapolis. The SCCA Runoffs will be contested there. And if I can make it through 5 or so races unscathed, I should receive an invitation to rumble across the yard of bricks in September of this year.

So, it’s different, but all of it is exciting. Continue to stay tuned for announcements and more concrete schedules being announced. For now, plan on looking for our name in the results the weekend of May 20th in Tennessee.

Happy near racing season!


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