2016 – far from forgetting

2016 was a memorable season for our race team. It signaled the end of a quest.

In 2013 we started our Modified expedition, grabbed a win, good finish in points, and Rookie of Year at a local track.

In 2014 we chased the local track again, winning a race, winning points, and faring well against Touring competition.

In 2015 we started touring, managing a top 10 in points and visiting a whole lot of tracks we never saw before.

In 2016 we toured again – and we ended up trekking to Fort Wayne, Indiana in a snowstorm to collect our laurels as the Top Speed Modified Tour northern champions.

The best part is that for much of that journey we had the same supporters on board to take it with us. Murawski’s Tax Service, Techman Sales Inc., Engine Machine Service, and RAM Engineering Midwest. We would not have had the opportunity to keep chasing larger goals if it were not for them.

We are indebted to each of them. Thanks to you, and to the families that we ignored chasing it.

2017 will look different – but with some new wrinkles.

Humbly yours,


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