Long Time, No Chit-Chat

– Target had 101oz. water bottles on sale for a $1 this past weekend. I have thoroughly enjoyed walking around with one and drinking it obnoxiously, even whilst in the car. I feel like one of those women in the workplace that can’t be without their monster Nalgene bottle of water that helps them “stay thin and have clear skin.” No, they make you look like an egotistical priss.
– Different states have different “idiosyncrasies.” Yes, Wisconsinites ask you if you want cheese on everything – including on things that already have cheese. And, as you might expect, there is a bratwurst kiosk in the fancy mall.
– Listen to me now – making a Chinese food take-out container from metal and plating it does not constitute art! I do not care what the display in the airport calls it. It only affirms my belief that art is a joke. It really is useless. Would the world be any worse for the wear without paintings?
– Lastly, how could prices at the Jersey shore have gone UP this year. I went last year; I remember what they were. But the prices for games and food have significantly risen. I am tempted to start a food stand and charge half of what the other stands do. Marketing blitz at the beginning, word of mouth will take care of the rest.

Happy doing whatever you are doing,

3 thoughts on “Long Time, No Chit-Chat

  1. Yeah yeah. It is sorta fixed now. The basic intro was something like “blah blah I haven’t written blah blah so take this small amount of crap in the place of a normal post blah blah.” They will probably continue like this…


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