A little lotion would do wonders for your skin

I had a Christmas gathering the other night after work. It was at a reasonably fancy restaurant that has plenty of areas for groups to meet. Besides some side rooms that have doors to close them off, they have the furniture arranged in the various bar areas so that circles may be formed to create some privacy. All of these areas are hidden from the main entrance and hostess table. I tell you all this because it is not possible to know where your group is. It forces interaction with the hostess. Fine. Unfortunately for me, I did not know whose name the reservation was under. I offered multiple of them to her. She non-verbally replied with a quizzical look and then followed it up with “Oh, are you here for the Mary Kay meeting?” I did not even know how to follow this up. Did I look effeminate? Seriously, me, for a Mary Kay meeting? I thought maybe that my group had not told her they were a group, so she was unaware. This theory was
eventually blown out of the water by my groupmates.

That being said, I had a nice ride home to ruminate about this fact. I really do not think that I am of the age or appearance to be lumped in to a Mary Kay gathering. I even thought back to the (male) people that were going into that room. I honestly believe that if you looked at them compared to me, you would choose them first for the good ole Mary Kay soiree. At least God I hope so.

So, I got home and flipped on the TV. There was nothing on so I paged endlessly through the preview guide. It said that Celtic Woman was on PBS. And it was a new special! I settled in and was hypnotised (which is exactly the term the PBS “salesperson” tried to use to get me to purchase an overpriced CD or DVD). I kept trying to leave the TV and I finally did after five songs or so. As I stood up from the TV and the epiphany befell me – Celtic Woman watcher – maybe the hostess was right.

-Emasculatedly yours,

4 thoughts on “A little lotion would do wonders for your skin

  1. “You’re Abe Froman? The sausage king of Chicago?”

    She could have been a bit more helpful.
    Shall I take her out at the knees or teach her a lesson some other way… perhaps with a pillow fight?


  2. I appreciate the kind gesture. But I am so ashamed. My femininity is kicking in. I had to look up who Abe Froman is *hangs head in hands.*


  3. I was referring to your offer of a pillow fight or knee clip. It was a kind gesture.

    As for Abe Froman, it just confirmed my pop culture meter is fading into obscurity.


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