2008 Season Comes to a Close for Half-Baked Schemes Racing

It seemed like the season had barely begun, but the 2nd week of October indicated that the offseason was upon us. This was the second Super Dirt Week that we had participated in. SDW last year was aggressive, with three races in three days. This year was a bit more tame, with only two on the docket. Much like last year, it was Brewerton Speedway on Thursday night, and Cayuga County Fair Speedway on Friday night.

There was little to do on the car Thursday other than apply our new empirestatetools.com stickers. Once that and some general maintenance (putting some straight wheels on the car) was complete we trekked over to Brewerton. There were 28 entrants, including some new faces, split into 3 heats. A fourth place heat finish resulted in a 12th place start for the feature. Prior to the feature we received some tuning help from Tommy Felicia of invadermodliteparts.com and some sage advice to stick to the bottom. The car was great down there, especially during the 20 lap green flag stint that opened up the race. Coincidentally, a “normal” feature at Brewerton is 20 laps, but this being a special one, was 25. During the first caution we were hanging around the back of the top 10. Add a few more yellows and some spins from in front of us, and we were in 5th with two laps to go. It was certainly nice to see the 41 up on the scoreboard for the first time in a
feature. One car got by on the restart, but the car came home in one piece in 6th, which is the team’s new benchmark.

We arrived soon after the gates opened for CCFS, but there still wasn’t much room with sprint car haulers everywhere. Over 50 of the 360’s joined us on the card for this special event. Unfortunately, like last year, the track was a tad rough for our cars. We even saw it after hot laps resulted in a broken clevis. Thankfully DJ of Junior’s Performance Products had a spare (and a spare for the spare) that we could use. A not-so-great heat run meant a 19th place start for the feature. We had worked ourselves up to just outside the top 10 when the rear end gave up the ghost coming off the 2nd turn. The housing itself split in two, from which the resultant motion made some quick work of suspension components in the rear of the car. The season officially concluded with a ride back to the pits on the tow truck. Well, I suppose it truly ended with various hijinx of trying to get the car on and off the trailer.

After stowing the car in the garage, we used Saturday as an opportunity to actually take in some racing (unlike last year). We partook in the events at the Syracuse Fairgrounds for the day, and enjoyed some libations (and peanuts) at the Texas Roadhouse thereafter. It was a good opportunity to discuss plans for next season. Once those are finalised, they will be posted soon thereafter.

Until it is more frigid,

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