Sponsor Goings-On

It has been a great week relative to sponsors for the team. Brian Ciarlei, part-timer from Sharlay Machine & Fabrication (see link on main page), today captured the 2008 SCCA F Modified National Championship out in Topeka, KS. Congratulations from this team!

Also, take care to look for an exciting announcement this coming weekend.

Off to eat some macaroni and cheese,

2 thoughts on “Sponsor Goings-On

  1. If I had a million dollars…
    I’d buy you a dinner.
    A real Kraft Dinner!
    with all the fancy dijon ketchup!

    (not that I like BNL, but I’m pretty sure that my ‘plate du jour’ was a bit’o’mac&cheese)


  2. Sweet, thanks for thinking of me with your Kraft sharing. If I had a million dollars I would still eat mac and cheese. But I would have lots more go fast parts for the racecar *evil grin.*


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