It’s beginning to look a lot like Race Season!

The mates from racing are at it again for 2008. The team plans to take on a similar schedule as 2007, while again traversing some of the most historic dirt tracks in upstate NY. The team will campaign the same Modified Lite as used last year and continue running with the Empire State Dwarf Car Association (ESDCA).

The plan for the offseason was simple – work on chassis balance and eradicate the suspension gremlins that bit the team twice in 2007. To that point, new suspension bits are going to re-build the now bionic front end in anticipation of its preseason scaling and setup festivities.

Once that has concluded the team will embark on its nearly mirror image schedule to last year. The team has again built a 9-race agenda, sculpted from the tentative ESDCA schedule. The team will continue to focus on multi-race weekends and events, with nearly half its schedule being centered around Independence Day and the season concluding festivities during Super Dirt Week in October.

You can expect to see the actual race plans posted here once the final schedule has been released to the teams and general public. Please keep checking back here for updates!

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