The Paradox That Is Hotel Living

The subject for this entry is admittedly broad, as there are tens of things that are paradoxes regarding spending extended time in a hotel. However, today I am merely focusing on one aspect – the thickness of the walls.

For whatever reason hotel walls are usually fairly thin, and you end up hearing things from the next room. These could range from the shower to the alarm clock to the adult movie they are watching to the adult movie that they are filming. Infiltrating noises don’t bother me too much, but I understand that it is an annoyance.

However, what I don’t understand is how the room manages to not let any smells escape. Shouldn’t the permeability be the same for sound as for stench? I took on the American Standard after lunch today, and the room was not habitable after. It lingered, and lingered, until I finally put down my makeshift t-shirt handkerchief and busted open the room window. A 33 degree breeze was a small price to pay for freedom. However even that took a while to work.

This isn’t an isolated case, either. One of my coworkers was complaining about the same thing, saying that his work zone hadn’t exactly cleared itself prior to the maid coming into the room. Another good one is wet socks. A room that gets that odor is done for.

Sigh, I probably should have just taken my laptop to the lobby. That, or just gone to the lobby bathroom. Too bad there are only 2 more nights to make decisions like this.

Olfactorily yours, -Michael

One thought on “The Paradox That Is Hotel Living

  1. When you get a chance, stay in a hotel for 6+ weeks. You begin to do that thing that dogs in puppy mills do, where they race in tight circles and jump like a maniac.

    The fun starts when you send and recieve multiple 10+ pages of faxes a day. The hotel staff love you bunches.

    Relieved not to be you- enjoy the remainder of your trip.


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