KC is Pibbtastic

I have (regretfully) spent all of my life living in places that the almighty nectar that is Mr. Pibb (now Pibb Xtra) is not available. This is tragic, because it is by far my favourite carbonated beverage. Well, let’s just say that Kansas City is not one of those places.

Every restaurant seems to have it. Normally I order it wherever I find it, because it is so rare. I can’t kick that habit here and have been consuming it by the bucket-load. I feel like a crack addict that spent the weekend in the pokey without his stash and is now free on Monday.

I was good and didn’t order it at lunch (mainly because I didn’t know they had it). But I am craving one right now. But, I will make it – primarily because I can drink my other vice – Wal-Mart Black Cherry water. Yummy!

Shakingly yours,

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