Sometimes too much of a good thing is just enough….

Half-Baked Schemes Racing is about to embark on a weekend that will separate the men from the boys. Check inside for the itinerary…


5:00 PM Michael loads up Rental car with CG-Lock display items and leaves Michigan.


12:15 AM Team arrives at the Black River Ale House for a Sponsor Meet-and-Greet

7:00 AM Team takes Tow Vehicle to Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot for a quick car wash from the local SUNY softball team. Autograph session ensues.

8:00 AM Replace spindle on Dwarf Car, rewire brake lights on trailer, Febreeze truck cabin, change oil in STS car and wash everything the college girls didn’t get clean.

12:00 PM Load up STS car and head out to Seneca for practise starts.

3:00 PM Load up Steel Cities contingent and head back to Rome to pick up Dwarf Car.

6:00 PM Park Tow Rig with Dwarf Car in street in front of Dinosaur BBQ. Politely ask local bikers to keep an eye on it for us (keeping our fingers crossed they don’t realize it’s a GSX-R under all that pretty tin.)

6:15 PM Watch Gentile friends load up on Pork products while I sip a cola drink or two.

11:00 PM Park Dwarf Car next to STS car, momentarily reflect on how fine they look, both being upright and all.

11:59 PM Hit the sack.


8:30 AM First car off at the SCCA Seneca Pro Solo. Team Neon patiently stands around waiting to run in the last heat. During the wait team discusses the benefits of CG-Lock with several top flight drivers. Everyone agrees that it is a necessity for all serious competitors.

3:00 PM Put the smack down on all the Haters running Bridgestones; make Sunday Morning’s run superfluous.

6:00 PM Unload the Dwarf Car at Canandaigua Speedway, momentarily ponder the unusual front setup and hit the track.

11:30 PM Lift the remaining pieces of the car onto the trailer, collect winnings and load up drunken friends and newly acquired hanger-ons into truck and head back to Seneca.


6:15 AM Wake up and proceed to the closest Dunkin Donuts. Gather local police officers and church goers together to perform a Native Rain Dance.

8:00 AM Arrive at site and answer endless questions about on-track-bodywork done to the car the previous night.

2:00 PM Red Light on first Challenge run.

3:00 PM Come to the realization that we have two cars on site and only one trailer to get them home with. While other team members toss around ideas, Michael jumps in the Rental car and heads for Niagara Falls.

11:59 PM After bringing home the STS car and dropping the Dwarf Car off at the Sharlay Machine Shop, Derek arrives home in Rome.


1:00 AM After a slight delay in Buffalo, Michael arrives home in Michigan.

Next stop Jersey…..

One thought on “Sometimes too much of a good thing is just enough….

  1. Well Derek the schedule looks great except for 2 things. #1 No signing of body parts at the SUNY car wash…..
    #2 You forgot the requisite sat night post triumph, mud covered meal at BWW.
    Looks like you’ve got everything else covered.


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