A Hertz Enterprise

Ventured to the rent a car dealer again tonight. Most of the time it is for “pleasure” (at least this is what they tell me), however this was actually for a work trip.

I rent a lot of cars. This is predominantly because the rate is so good it doesn’t make sense to beat on my car any more than it needs to be. I log so many miles on a daily basis anyway that I don’t need to do the same when visiting the country’s finest hellholes while on racing exploits. This means I have been to a lot of locations.

It seems that at airport and hotel locations there is required attire (I get that you work for company XYZ – really don’t need to see it on a polo shirt), but not anywhere else evidently. Every other one I go to with reasonably young employees finds them dressed to the absolute nines. Name brand everything, oodles of trendy accessories, plenty of bling, etc. Is renting cars some lucrative profession or something? Do I need to get in on this? Where the hell do they come up with the bread to dress like this? Frankly, it makes me feel inadequate.

I know…there must be a covert clause in their contracts that they are required to spend a certain part of their income on threads. That must be it.

Bah. Tired, and grumpy. Never a good combo at musing time.

Salutations, -Old Man

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