Relevant Quote #1

I would like to come up with some seemingly regular schedule to post here. However, my indecisiveness (more on this in future posts I am sure) seems to propel my life into seeming chaos. This precludes me from signing up to any sort of Metamucil like regularity.

I mentioned that I would like to use this space to share some of my favourite quotes. There will be no order to them, just what I feel is a good quote du jour. Some will be my own creation; this one is not.

This one is from author Chuck Klosterman.

“A non-competitive person can’t reasonably succeed, but a hyper-competitive person looks like a buffoon to everyone who’s reasonable.”

I feel that this quote is especially apropos given that I was just at the SCCA Solo National Championships in Topeka, KS. The intensity level out there is incredible, and virtually everyone out there is uber-competitive. Personally, I love this quote. I think that the most enjoyable things, in terms of comedy, quotes, etc., are ones that have some relevance to the person reading/hearing them. That being said, this quote could not be more true. I can’t imagine trying to make it in this world without having the drive that I do. I can’t even fathom that life would be worth living, and have trouble understanding how people can live like that. I like to think that I am the most competitive and intense person I know. In fact, I am so competitive that it irks me when someone thinks otherwise! Lastly, I have made an arse of myself plenty ‘o’ times in the pursuit of trying to “quench my competitive desire.” But now, I have something to point at to explain my buffoonery. And that is the excuse I am using when racing season rolls back around next year.

Humbly yours, -Michael

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