Sunday Warmup

Sorry for the absence of posts – I actually wrote a pretty long entry last night, tried to save it as a draft, and then found that it had disappeared into the ether.  It was a fairly crabby post, so maybe that’s for the best.

I ran the warmup event yesterday.  It’s always an slightly scary experience jumping into a new car – you don’t want to embarrass yourself yet you want to push the car hard enough to find out what it does at the limit.

Overall I was reasonably happy with how it turned out.  David’s car doesn’t do anything weird and I was able to push it harder and harder each run.  Brian John’s car broke a hub on course right in front of me on the first run, so I ended up getting 4 runs of course.  My final time was 8 tenths behind Rob Carpenter in the old Cashmore MR2.  Not that great, but I badly mangled up the final 3rd of the course on all my runs, which was probably worth about 1/2 second right there.  That puts me in the ballpark, and that’s all I really hoped for.  David was great, hanging around the grid and helping with the car.  We added a little more toe in the front and also dropped the pressure a bit during the session and the car was pretty damned good on the last run.  I think it’s definitely capable of a top 5 finish if I don’t blow it.

The surface is really a disappointment.  There is fine grit covering everything, and the driving line is about 1 car wide and very close to the cones even in spots where you might want to take a wider line.  Get a wheel off the clean line and there is no grip whatsoever.  (This is similar to Beaverun on a poor day, but more severe.)  The grip on the clean line is ok, but nothing special, even for asphalt.  The surface is sufficently different from Forbes that I think that many classes will see the balance of power change – witness Jonathon Roberts ass-whupping of AS in the “uncompetitive” STi.

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