Sunday odds and ends

After running the warmup, I just sort of wandered around the paddock visiting various people I haven’t seen in a while. I had a beer with Rob Carpenter and the Tennessee mafia, spent some time with Jonathon Roberts and Eric Peterson, and unsuccessfully tried to find Team BlenderBlaster. I was afraid HPT had shut them down, but I found out this morning that they are ok, I just must have missed them.

Team Neon had a fraught day. They had a seized wheel lug and some other minor car problems that added up to a “day from hell” in Mike’s words. Jeff Hurst was so depressed I decided not to pick on him, for at least a day or two. Mike flew out last night and will be back on Wednesday.

I went to dinner with the Rothermels, Eric Coffman, Nick and Anna and Rocking Randy Pearson. When I got back to the room, I was pretty wiped out. Two straight days of 4 hours sleep caught up with me. Franson got back to the room and we just say around BSing for an hour or two and then I passed out. Unfortunately, I missed the CS driver’s meeting at Baby Dolls, so my perfect record of non-attendance is preserved. I’ll have to catch up the action today and see what embarrassing moments I missed.

One thought on “Sunday odds and ends

  1. You went to bed!?!? You must be getting old.

    -Mike (3 consecutive nights with less than 5 hours sleep. I guess it doesn’t like carat symbols)


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