Toto, we’re back in Kansas!

Pulled into Heartland at 3pm today.  Met David (Hedderick, the owner of my ride) briefly, then headed to the hotel to check in.  Time is of the essence as it’s an hour to Poker Tournament time, so this will be brief.

The buzz in the paddock is of course all about the impending arrival of Team Neon.  Last reports put the Dream Machine somewhere in Missouri, heading west.  Mike O. and special guest star Jeff Hurst will be arriving in the early evening.
More later, after poker.

2 thoughts on “Toto, we’re back in Kansas!

  1. Nick hope you kick ass in poker. You boys better not have to much fun tonight… We all know its you that is the bad influence not Mr. Hurst! Who am I kidding I’m married to the devil. ;o)


  2. Nick, where is the biting commentary of your previous work? I think you need to do an in-depth investigation on use of light-weight clothing at Nationals. Shorts in 60 degree weather. A class winner was wearing nylon swim trunks! The fast guys know that you can save more weight by ditching those Levi’s than by shaving your head. Hey, maybe Lindsay Lohan’s habit of not wearing underwear will catch on.


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